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The Mountain Muskrats Dive Club

The unexpected dive adventure!

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Image by Silas Baisch

Mountain Muskrats is an independent Dive Club set on exploring and cleaning Oregon's waterways.

The Mountain Muskrats make a point of cleaning the local water ways of trash and anything dirtying our beautiful rivers, lakes and even ocean. The lakes and rivers in Central Oregon have been able to receive a lot of the focus being as that's where the club was created. With every dive the club will pull out piles of trash and treasures like you see on the sides. You can see even more on the Pictures tab. If you would like to join in this epic journey of treasure hunting please don't hesitate to reach out to The Den Dive Shop to sign up.

Our Story

Meet The Team

The Mountain Muskrats was created by Zack and Nathan because they wanted to share the adventure of diving with as many as possible. They wanted to spread awareness of diving and the waterways we use, especially regarding cleanliness, and collaborate with other local divers who are passionate about the craft as well! To this day Mountain Muskrats has 20+ active members.


Aunna Cabeceira

Diver, Social Media Expert

Skip Greenhoe

Diver, Treasure Hunter

John Lucey

Diver, Treasure Hunter

Jim Smith

Boat Operator,  Driver, Top Deck Help

Chad May

Diver, DSD Guide

Dylan Montes

Diver, Treasure Hunter

More Club Member photos and Info coming Soon. 

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